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Fascia roll

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Due to its surface structure, the fascia roller specifically stimulates the trigger points of the fascia , i.e. the small hardenings that then hurt during treatment. However, this is a pain where you notice that you feel better afterwards, because once the tension is released , the entire muscle is more supple and can be used again without restrictions. Use the fascia roller for your leg and back muscles and release fascia after training.

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Large-area muscle massage with fascia therapy

Relieves adhesions and tension

Textured surface for a deep massage

Ideal for warming up and cooling down

Tired and tense muscles after sport are now a thing of the past: Thanks to our GYMTASTIC fascia roller with grooved surface structure! With the roller, you can treat stressed and painful parts of the body to a soothing massage and easily smooth out adhesions and hyperacidity. The massage effect stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the regeneration of your muscles - ideal for effectively treating pain, loosening your connective tissue and improving your performance in the long term.

The handy fascia ball loosens fascia adhesions and stimulates blood flow to your muscles -exactly where you need it! With a diameterof 6.1 cm , the small hard plastic ball is ideal for treating smaller areas of the body such as the neck or feet in order to achieve the maximum massage effect - perfect for the office, on vacation or for your sports bag!

Application: Lie on your back and place the fascia roll roughly under your shoulder blades. Now put your feet up and bend your legs to support yourself comfortably on the floor. Now slowly move your upper body back and forth so that the roller glides over the entire length of your back. Repeat the process for around 3 minutes before moving on to the next body region.

Application: The small massage ball can be used flexibly. For example, place it on the floor to massage the bottom of your feet or clamp it between your back and the wall to give yourself an intensive pressure massage. You can also hold it in your hand to massage your neck or arm muscles and apply pressure exactly where you want it. Use the fascia ball for approx. 3 minutes per body part.

GYMGUN fit 2.0

With the fit 2.0, the power of a professional treatment is available to everyone. From advanced ergonomics to deep massage, every feature has been designed with the performance and comfort of professionals in mind.

Questions? Answers!

You can use your fascia roll whenever your muscles feel drained and tired, for example after exercise, during your lunch break or before going to bed. Alternatively, you can also use the fascia roll as a warm-up, as the massage stimulates blood flow to your muscles and activates them for the upcoming training session.

Even if you are already treating your muscles and fascia effectively with the Massage Gun, the fascia roller is the ideal addition to your cool-down. Due to its elongated shape, the fascia roller offers the advantage over punctual pressure massage that you can treat the entire muscle surface at once. The use of a fascia roller is particularly suitable for large muscle groups such as the back or legs.