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Back trainer
Back trainer
Back trainer
Back trainer
Back trainer
Back trainer
Back trainer
Back trainer

Back trainer

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improved posture after 21 days

The GYMTASTIC® back trainer prevents bad posture by gently reminding you to pull your shoulders back and straighten your spine. The material is so soft that although it encourages you to adopt good posture, your muscles still have to work themselves and become stronger and stronger. The posture trainer reminds you to maintain an upright posture. This allows you to train your muscles effectively and prevent neck and back pain

For the perfect fit, you can adjust the size of the back trainer using the straps.

1x back trainer (adjustable in size)

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Improves posture thanks to adjustable straps

Reduces back problems caused by poor posture

Facilitates breathing

fantastic for your health. body. mind.

Less back pain thanks to improved posture

Do you find yourself with poor back posture again? Then the GYMTASTIC® back trainer is just the thing for you!

Due to constant sitting and little movement, most people tend to arch their backs and let their shoulders slump forward. We all know the consequences: back pain, permanent bad posture and tightness in the upper body. The size-adjustable back trainer helps you to pull your shoulders back and relieve pressure on your spine to alleviate back pain and improve oxygen supply through freer breathing.

Using back trainers correctly


The leather surface of the back trainer is the outer side on the back.


Adjust the size of the back trainer,
to get a comfortable position of the Y-shaped back support.


Straighten your chest and back and tighten the adjustment strap until you feel comfortable.


Pass the straps through the armpit and make a cross to fasten them comfortably.

21 days transformation plan

The first stage - 1 to 3 days

10 - 15 minutes per day: Don't wear the back trainer too tightly and get used to the trainer at first, gradually finding your perfect setting.

The second stage - 4 to 9 days

1 - 2 hours per day: Great for everyday work - get your back used to an upright posture and try wearing the belt a little tighter.

The third stage - 10 to 21 day

2 - 3 hours per day: travel, fitness, office, etc. Wear the back trainer every day - develop good habits and see improved posture after just 21 days.


The straps of the back trainer pull your shoulders into the correct position. As soon as you arch your back reflexively and let your shoulders fall forward, you feel the counter-pressure of the back trainer and are reminded to correct your posture. While wearing it, the correct posture feels completely natural. Through regular use, you get your spine and shoulders used to the healthy posture and gradually adopt it permanently. Straightening your upper body also improves the air supply and increases the oxygen content in your body.

The GYMTASTIC® back trainer is designed to make everyone feel better and alleviate back pain. However, if you have a chronic back condition and are not sure, it is best to consult your doctor or physiotherapist first.

The back trainer should never be worn for more than a few hours a day, as the permanent relief of the spine can lead to regression of the back muscles. Wear the belt for a maximum of one hour a day at the beginning and gradually increase the time spent wearing it to get used to the new posture. If you start to feel uncomfortable, take the back trainer off immediately.