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Percussive therapy is not only suitable for athletes.

The GYMTASTIC® Massage Gun is your ideal tool for finally overcoming chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects millions of people around the world. In Germany alone, more than 20 percent of adults - that's one in five people - suffer from chronic pain.

This cause is: lack of exercise.

People are sitting still longer than ever before, and this behavior leads to poor circulation, muscle tension and poor posture - all of which in turn leads to pain.

Treating chronic pain naturally

The simplest solution to a lack of exercise is, of course, more exercise. Get up more often, go for a walk, do weight training or yoga - you will see an immediate improvement in your well-being.

But exercise alone will not solve the problem. If you are struggling with chronic pain due to a sedentary lifestyle, starting an exercise program without a targeted recovery plan can actually make the situation worse.

This is because we often try to compensate for our lack of movement with overly advanced workouts - leading to pain and long-term damage.

The real solution to chronic pain?

Exercise that matches your fitness level combined with an appropriate muscle recovery routine with the GYMTASTIC® massage gun.

Your massage routine for chronic pain

Massage guns are the ideal tool for combating chronic pain. Impact massage increases blood flow to tense, painful muscles. The increased blood flow provides nutrients and oxygen necessary for the repair and regeneration of muscle fibers.

The mechanical effect of impact therapy helps to break up adhesions in the fascia and thus relieve pain and tension.

If you are unsure whether percussive therapy is suitable for your pain relief, it is best to consult your doctor.

Your pain relief routine for percussive therapy

This comprehensive step-by-step routine will help you achieve natural, effective pain relief:

Back pain

Use the ball head or flat head and stroke each side of your spine. Then switch to the U-head attachment and move the massage gun, starting at the bottom of the spine, up to the neck and back down again. Repeat as required.

Neck pain

Move the U-head attachment gently and slowly from the beginning of your head to the upper trapezius. If you feel any pain, stop the treatment immediately.

Hip pain

Use the flat head or ball head attachment for the hips. Massage each thigh for two to three minutes and then each gluteus medius (the sides of the gluteal muscles) for two to three minutes.

General muscle pain

Any attachment designed for large muscle groups will help with general muscle pain. Large-area movements at medium speed allow you to get the most out of your impact massage in just a few minutes.

Sports injuries

As an athlete, you know your body best. Use your favorite attachment to massage the muscle groups that you use the most. Use the massage gun directly after training or competition to achieve a preventive effect.