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Application area for our massage gun attachments

In this section, we will introduce you to our various attachments that can help you achieve a deeper and more intense muscle massage experience. We will explain how each attachment can be used and what benefits it offers you.

Cooling head

Application: Place the cooling head in the freezer compartment until it has reached the desired temperature and place the attachment on your massage gun - off you go. 🥶

The cooling effect slows down the nerve conduction speed and relieves pain directly during use. The combination of cold and pressure massage prolongs the relaxation phases of your muscles and relieves cramps.

The cooling head can also provide relief for acute joint pain, as it has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect.

Heating head

With the brand new heating head, your massage treatments will be up to 47% more effective -because heat inhibits pain stimuli in your tissue and relieves hardening and tension much faster.

The heating head can heat up to 55°C and provides an immediate feeling of well-being on the skin. Studies have shown that applying heat directly to tense muscles increases blood circulation up to two centimetres deep. Wow - you'll love this attachment!

Double soft-point head

Targeted fascia therapy on sensitive areas - the Soft Point attachment is THE game changer for massages on muscle strands close to the bone, as the integrated air cushioning makes the pressure massage gentle and pleasant even on harder areas. The new double head attachment ensures even better pressure distribution on the spine and neck for even gentler and more targeted treatment of trigger points.

Ideal for tension, acute complaints and as a daily relaxation routine: the Soft Point attachment with double head is the softest solution for targeted fascia therapy.

Soft-Point head

Targeted fascia therapy on sensitive areas - there are no limits to your massage therapy, because with the Soft-Point massage attachment you can now even treat skeletal muscles!

The soft surface is particularly pleasant on the skin and the integrated suspension makes the attachment particularly gentle and can also be used on harder parts of the body. Perfect for muscle strands running along the bone and sensitive trigger points - so you can massage even hard-to-reach areas!

Knob head

Stimulates circulation & firms - the 2-in-1 massage for maximum relaxation and strengthened connective tissue is achieved with the pimple head. The structured surface stimulates blood circulation in the tissue, minimizing orange peel skin and creating an even and smooth complexion with regular use.

With its wide surface, the attachment is perfect for the buttocks, thighs, calves and upper arms to target problem areas.

Bow head

Relieve tension with a punctual pressure massage - the new arched head is ideal for a quick and punctual massage session to relieve tension, as the slight curvature adapts to your body and ensures maximum relaxation. The light nubbed structure stimulates blood circulation and enhances the effect.

The attachment is ideal for the hands and feet, but can be used on the whole body thanks to its universal shape.

Ball head

Universal pressure massage for all occasions - it's not for nothing that the ball head with soft surface is the all-time favorite among massage attachments, because its universal shape means it can be used on almost any part of the body. It is the ideal head for beginners to get a feel for the massage gun and test it on different areas.

Massage therapy with the ball head is most popular on large muscle groups such as the back, thighs and buttocks.

Fork head

Spot massage along the spine - back pain is one of the most common starting points for the massage application. The U-head provides targeted impulses to the spinal muscles without exerting direct pressure on the joints. Thanks to the recess, the massage therapy is soothing and pain-relieving.

This attachment is ideal for avoiding sensitive joints or acute areas of pain during pressure massage.

Cartridge head

Targeted treatment of trigger points - targeted tension and pain triggers can be treated selectively with the cartridge head, as the narrow head penetrates deep into the tissue and stimulates the muscles exactly where the pain arises.

The shape of the head also makes it ideal for smaller application areas such as shoulders, feet and hands.

Flat head

Full body massage always and everywhere - the flat head can be used in a variety of ways and is suitable for both large and small muscle groups. Thanks to its flattened shape, it adapts perfectly to the surface and provides a gentle and pleasant massage for sore muscles, tension or signs of fatigue.

This attachment is ideal for a quick full-body massage and is also suitable for beginners to test the massage effect on stressed areas of the body.

Spade head

Removing water retention - women in particular tend to retain water in their arms, legs and feet when it is hot and they overexert themselves, which manifests itself in swelling and a feeling of tightness in the affected areas. The head of the spade can be used to comfortably smooth out so-called edema and stimulate blood flow.

When used regularly, the spade head strengthens the connective tissue and reduces susceptibility to water retention.