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Massage therapy for the
home office

Do you have back pain from slouching in your home office? Percussive therapy with the GYMTASTIC® massage gun is the solution!

A healthy body is the basis for productivity and performance. To get off to a good start at work, it is therefore important to listen to your body's signals and counteract pain at an early stage.

How to use massage guns to combat stress

Screen breaks are important. A few moments of self-care away from your desk will boost your productivity and keep your energy levels stable. Fortify yourself for the rest of the day and feel the relief.

Promoting correct posture

Neck, back and shoulder pain is a common side effect of poor posture, especially when working from home. To prevent the pain from getting out of hand and so that you can continue to focus on your work, you should use the percussive therapy method to improve your posture and release muscle knots and tension.

Stimulate blood circulation

Tired legs and swollen feet are familiar to anyone who regularly sits at a desk for long hours. With the GYMTASTIC® massage gun, you can stimulate blood flow and relieve fluid retention in the lower body.

Your massage routine for the home office

These instructions are the ideal way to prepare for your working day:

Before work

Integrate GYMTASTIC® into your morning routine. Instead of reaching for your smartphone in the morning, grab your massage gun and start your day relaxed!

Attachment: ball head

Speed: 11-15

Total time: 8-10 minutes

Take 2 minutes for each muscle group that is causing you problems and massage them gently with your massage gun. By massaging as a preventative measure, you can combat pain before it even arises.

Lunch break

Time for a break! Don't just give your stomach a treat, give your muscles a treat too! While your lunch is simmering away, you can use your lunch break for a short muscle recovery session.

Attachment: Flat head

Speed: 11-15

Total time: 5 minutes

Now it's the turn of your glutes, hips, calves and lower back. Massage the parts of your lower body with the flat head attachment of your massage gun to prevent fluid retention in your legs in the afternoon.


Your body needs a fresh energy boost in the afternoon! So take a short break to recharge your batteries and stay motivated and focused for the rest of your working day.

Attachment: Ball head

Speed: 21-30

Total time: 8-10 minutes

Everyone who works at a desk is familiar with it: the midday slump. Break the slump with your massage gun and activate every cell in your body. With the strongest massage level, you can work on the muscle groups that cause the most pain, such as the shoulders, back or hips.

Closing time

Finally: time to relax. Round off your day with another massage session and enjoy the relaxation with GYMTASTIC®.

Attachment: Ball head and U-head

Speed: 16-20

Total time: 5 minutes

Massage your back and neck with the special U-head attachment, which has been specially developed for the problem areas that most desk workers struggle with. Massage your neck and trapezius muscles for two to three minutes before moving on to your lower back.


Your GYMTASTIC® massage should also be part of your evening routine to ensure maximum regeneration and relaxation while you sleep.

Attachment: Ball head

Speed: 6-10

Total time: 5 minutes

Use your massage gun on the medium setting to feel calm and well-being at the end of a long day. We recommend massaging your hip flexors, chest and shoulders to prepare your body for the night.